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At Synerzip, we spell ‘Agile UX’ with a lot of Ds: six, to be exact. Our teams focus on each one, react and respond continuously, and weave them together to create a superior user experience.

They stand for Discover, Define, Design, Develop, Deploy and Drive, the building blocks of the UX process. Companies can come to the table with some of them already figured out, or just with an idea. Synerzip can build on work already done or manage the entire project, concept to fruition.
img2Through interviews and research, we define and refine a User Persona critical to the design process. Who is your target audience and what do they need? What are their habits and culture, their personalities, their limitations? What are their pain points and how do we address them? The goal is to identify the users so precisely that the UX will be familiar, with a low learning curve.

The graphics below come from our work with a leading video scripting company bring those personas clearly into focus, from the users’ personalities and income to their expertise and influences, and most of all, their goals. One version of the system had better be simple, consistent and private, while the flip side leans toward cool, fast, free and out of the box.
Then Excellarate software engineers check in. They work easily with a long list of platform and development languages, including PHP, Dot Net, AngularJS, React, Swift, NodeJS, C#, Python, C/C++, and Java. But the creative staff is always part of the agile process, incorporating feedback, making continual course corrections, and getting the project up and running as quickly as possible.

Our customer’s site seamlessly integrates a video introducing their unique device that allows video chatters to look directly at each other, rather than at the screen, with landing pages, information pages and payment-processing pages. The result is clean, efficient and user-friendly.

For another client that is a healthcare consulting firm, our challenge was to build a web portal that would handle multiple applications and work with many different browsers and devices – but still be clean, accessible and fully responsive.

wearable-technology-img-2And a third client, needed a field service management platform where people in the field only need smartwatches to receive assignments and report their progress. From admin console to mobile app and smartwatch version, we built the whole system.wearable-technology-img-1

UX is becoming more important all the time, and Synerzip is at the forefront. We want information architecture to appeal to the senses as much as food or flowers, with user-centered design for your website, mobile app and wearables.