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Excellarate creates unique Automation Scripts to fetch job information from different job sites, which aids in easy job hunting for healthcare professionals

A client of Excellarate in the US healthcare domain is  continuously identifying best job opportunities for job seekers. They have need to automate their scripts to fetch updated job posts regularly.

Excellarate’s role was to create these automated scripts effectively and efficiently in such a way that they extract maximum jobs details with minimum hassles.

The Excellarate team took this unique opportunity to show their technical prowess. They write scripts to fetch all job openings across all hospitals in the United States. Each job page has a different script written for it. Hundreds of these scripts are executed each day; therefore the data coming from this search is very accurate, reliable and updated.

The team uses Visual Web Ripper (VWR) tool, which is a powerful visual tool used for automated web scraping and content extraction from the web.  The team creates a list of elements in VWR scrape, which points to different sections in an HTML page with the use of XPaths. The team used C# for data transformation and CSV files for data exportation.