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The Client

The client is a leading product co-development partner in the United States. Using its hybrid distributed delivery model, the client saves up to 50% of product development costs for its clients.

The client is an IT services company with expertise in artificial intelligence, machine learning, natural language processing, testing, DevOps, etc. It combines cross-functional expertise with Lean startup principles to delivers quality software development and significant cost advantage for its clients.

The Challenge

The client’s marketing team was spending significant time on manual extraction of data from various proprietary sources such as subscription tools as part of its lead generation activities. These efforts included extracting data about investors, their active portfolios, looking up specific companies and finding information about their investors and visiting investor sites, and finding information about them and the companies they have invested in.

Each of these tasks was manual and took anywhere between 8 to 24 hours for a few tens of records. The client wished to reduce this time substantially using automation to have better value for its lead generation efforts.

The Solution

Extracting investor data from a web application

The RPA solution uses UiPath. It reads investor names from a spreadsheet and then searches for its website on the web application. Once found, the automation then extracts all data about the investor. A separate spreadsheet then stores this data.

Via the manual way, extracting information for 750 records took approximately 5 hours. The RPA reduces this time to 20 minutes.

Extracting the list of companies an investor has investments in from a web application

Using UiPath, this RPA reads investor names from a spreadsheet, searches for it in the web application. Once found, it extracts all the companies the investor has invested in. In the manual way of searching for these records, 30 records took 8 hours. The RPA accomplishes the same task in 15 minutes.

Finding prospects in companies from the web application

This RPA, using UiPath, looks up companies located in the previous search, visits their website, and ‘browses’ it to look for people (who fit in the appropriate range). Via the manual process, researchers were able to mine data for 30 records in 24 hours. The RPA can accomplish the same task in approximately 40 minutes.


The Outcomes

Using RPA, the client was able to focus its team’s effort on tasks that matter more such as engaging with prospective clients and building relationships. The RPA successfully reduced manual efforts and improved mining effort efficiency by more than 20X.