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The Client

The client offers enterprise-grade software solutions for non-profit programs, donor, and volunteer management. Its solutions enable improved data collection, storage, and analytics. With better reporting, its solutions offload precious time and resources and help its customers focus on what they do best.

The Challenge

The client was spending about 150 man-hours each month manually uploading data in Salesforce via Insert/Update operations on different objects with CSV files using “Salesforce Data Loader” for different organizations.

28 manual steps were required for this operation. This resulted not only in the loss of productive man-hours but also in manual errors. The client was exploring ways to automate this process.

The Solution

The Excellarate team began exploring ideas around robotic process automation (RPA). RPA was the ideal solution in this case since the processes largely remained the same, and there were a set number of steps to perform the action.

The team developed a UiPath based solution to automate this use case. RPA facilitates automation using reusable workflows. This solution automated the end-to-end process of uploading Salesforce data.

The Outcome

  • A repetitive and manual process can be automated accurately
  • The time consuming and repetitive manual process can be handled efficiently with precision within a few mins.
  • Success/Failure report notification via email after every execution
  • The single solution supports Insert/Update operation on different objects with CSV files for different organizations
  • The RPA process saved approximately 150 man-hours per month
  • Entire automation execution time for 2 objects for 2 operations is 10 mins