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One of Excellarate’s customers in the hospitality domain was focused on developing pagers and other hardware devices. They outsourced their software development to external vendors. They had multiple products that were all disconnected. The client needed to quickly evolve to the latest technologies; therefore they looked to Excellarate as their new software development partner to help them achieve this transition. Excellarate came on board with no domain expertise and no knowledge transfer from the existing external vendor.  The client had no software development in house other than firmware developers and a director of engineering.

The Excellarate team rose to the challenge and stabilized the existing product code base. They worked with the client to define an agile-based software development process that suited their needs. They came up with architecture to develop the platform for the next generation of products.

Over a period of one year, the Excellarate team was able to release five different products in the areas of table management, queue management, customer surveys, etc. with an integrated backend solution that enabled user and device management, provisioning, CRM, billing and analytics.  This was achieved with a lean team of seven developers and three quality assurance specialists.

The legacy products of the customer were ported over to the new backend to bring the new generation features to the end user. This provided an upgrade path for them to shift over to the new products when they were ready.

Technologies used,

  • For iOS – Objective C, iOS SDK, XCode
  • For Cross Platform – PhoneGap
  • For Legacy Support –  C# .NET, SQL Server, WCF

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