Get tangible business benefits with accelerated application delivery

Improve operational efficiency and faster releases with automation and continuous integration and deployments.

Excellarate's DevOps and DevSecOps services leverage the combination of people, processes, and products to accelerate software delivery. We help organizations stay more competitive with faster releases through iterative improvements, faster feedback, better collaboration, and automation.

Managed DevOps services

Excellarate’s managed DevOps services architect, design, build and maintain CICD pipelines. We apply our years of software engineering expertise to enhance processes, deploy tools that reduce cycle times, and bring to fore people skills that improve operations.

Expertise in proven tools and tech stack

Leverage our proven expertise across popular tools for setting up and monitoring integration processes, database optimizations, source code, repo management, and cloud-native deployments.

Market-tested expertise for proven outcomes

Excellarate’s understanding of software development for over two decades helps you build, implement, monitor, and maintain software delivery pipelines that help you release faster, thereby giving customers what they need and when they need it.

Case Study

A healthcare solutions company realizes 50% reduction in manual effort with CI/CD using AWS CodePipeline

Excellarate helps a healthcare giant successfully implement AWS CodePipeline resulting in savings of more than 50%, reduce dependence on legacy tools, and integrate third-party tool functionality.

DevOps Implementation Approach

DevOps Methodology

Continuous Development

A fully functioning Agile development team is exclusively dedicated to each specific client, executing reliable, iterative development processes.

Continuous Integration

Developers frequently merge source code into a centralized location to sync with other developer changes and prevent merge conflicts.

Continuous Testing

Automated testing helps to increase operational agility and ensure accelerated time-to-market, establishing the continuous feedback mechanism for ongoing quality monitoring.

Continuous Improvement

Customer feedback mechanism solicits regular user input for consideration in development of future iterations, ensuring that applications perform as expected.

Continuous Deployment

Regular deployments are enabled with either automated triggers or using a manual trigger for more sophisticated test tooling.

Continuous Delivery

Automated delivery lifecycle releases frequently releases builds to QA for validation in a to enable swift release of new features to customers.

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