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DeveloperWeek Austin 2021

We were at the virtual DeveloperWeek Austin 2021, the largest developer event in the Southwest to meet tech leaders and software developers and discuss AI, Microservices, APIs, Containers, DevOps, ML and more.


ITC Vegas InsurTech 2021

Excellarate was at the ITC Vegas, the world’s largest insurtech event – to meet tech entrepreneurs, investors, and insurance industry incumbents.

Synerzip Sponsored VueConf

Synerzip was proud to be a sponsor of VueConf 2020 in Austin, Texas on March 2-4th. The insights and material presented and discussed at VueConf were exactly what your team needs to become more efficient, stay ahead of the competition and avoid unnecessary costs like technical debt.

Unlike large scale conferences which often can be disorganized and have subpar sessions, VueConf US was very focused and well-curated.

Many of the speakers were Vue core team members and Evan You himself was there as well! They have also been known for a strong commitment to very practical sessions and hands-on workshops.

For example, Chris Fritz, who is one of the core team members responsible for the incredible documentation that Vue is known for, is running a popular workshop called “Proven patterns for building Vue apps.” It was created based on teams of varying sizes and tech stacks, case studies and practical techniques which makes it applicable to our work right away.

The high-level agenda was –

  • Learn from industry leaders and Vue core team members
  • Design better processes to design, build, debug and deploy faster
  • Inspire new ideas to use on projects within our company
  • An impressive line-up of experts who are working with technologies, tools and methodologies we use daily
  • Hands-on workshops with experts give attendees an opportunity to learn new practices and techniques and improve skills right away
  • The friendly, intimate spirit of the conference making it easy to interact with speakers and ask questions
  • As the conference attracts seasoned developers, Synerzip was excited to learn from everyone and discover their experiences and best practices from their projects
  • Because the front-end is changing rapidly, it’s important to learn what’s possible and current in the ecosystem

Our team with Rohit Sinha, Director of Software Services, and Jill Hoersten, Marketing Director participated in the conference activities and were glad to have insightful conversations at the Synerzip booth in the Expo + with the attendees at the conference. Thanks to all.