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Reduce time-to-market for your 340B products with scalable technology and domain expertise

Solve common technology challenges faster with one of our 340B Excellarators.

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October 4, 2022

Streamlining the Prior Authorization Process

Build streamlined authorization workflows for enhanced clinical experiences

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October 18, 2022

When One Size Doesn’t Fit All – Custom Agile Frameworks

David Wallace, Principal Agile Coach at Xero discusses custom agile frameworks

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How AI Can Transform Healthcare? Disambiguation of Healthcare Data

AI is a means to get access, identifying patterns and trends in healthcare data

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Claims Capture Excellarator

Increase eligible 340B claim capture using additional logic and a secondary capturing process.

Referral Program Excellarator

Identification of valid patient referrals, updated patient records, and better overall patient management through visibility, automation, tracking, audit, and compliance tools

Inventory Management Excellarator

Support customized and complex ordering and replenishment rules, reduce, or eliminate inventory swell and make informed buying and replenishment decisions.

Business Intelligence Excellarator

User-friendly and intuitively customizable dashboards and reports. Fully automated scheduler system that pushes data you need when you need it.

Operations Excellarator

Bring organization to the chaos around data exchanges and configure, monitor, validate, override and report on all your inputs and outputs. Create rules for all files, track and identify missed files or bad data and do overrides where necessary.