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Data Normalization Excellarator – File Ambassador

Normalize, load, and transmit data from any source to downstream vendors in different formats.

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Rapidly scale your data processing with Excellarate's File Ambassador - a high-performance data processing platform that can extract, transform, and loads any data from external sources. In addition, file Ambassador helps normalize data from any source and transmit it to downstream vendors in various formats.

Key Features and Benefits

The File Ambassador platform can handle increased data sources, EDI types, outbound file formats and to support configurable transmission parameters.

  • Centralized data integration hub with any-to-any graphical data mapping
  • Effective, lightweight, and scalable mapping of data from flat files, EDI files, and other external sources such as RESTful APIs and Salesforce
  • Secure transmission of EDI, CSV, Excel, PDF, and JSON file types via SFTP and HTTPS
  • Supports a wide variety of encryption techniques such as PHI Encryption, Local File Encryption (AES), Zip Encryption, and PGP Encryption
  • Schedule and track file import, processing, and transmission jobs with built-in error checking and reporting
  • Supports EDI types: 810, 832, 850, 855, 844, 849, 852, 856, 857, 867

Accelerated Outcomes

  • Reduce cost and errors
  • Increase processing speed
  • Process large file sizes in a short duration
  • Improve relationships with business partners
  • Supports multiple industries such as Healthcare and Financial Services
  • Handle concurrent file processing to expedite operational output

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