Innovative tools and technology solutions

that empower financial services firms

Robust, flexible, and scalable enterprise solutions in an ever-evolving regulator environment.


TotalRebal Portfolio Rebalancing

State-of-the-art financial services solution for cloud-based portfolio re-balancing.


TotalView Portfolio Management

Built with the Salesforce platform to view, manage, and analyze portfolios, accounts, and holdings.

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FinTech Solutions and Expertise

An organization’s success depends on its effectiveness in processes and how it responds and aligns to emerging technologies and consumer preferences.


Portfolio Management


Portfolio Rebalancing


Portfolio Risk Analytics






Credit Management


Market Data Processing


Wealth Planning


Data Security

TotalView Portfolio Management

Excellarate TotalView is an application that provides innovative tools and technology to view, manage, and analyze portfolios, accounts, and holdings.

TotalView is built on the Salesforce platform, which links the functionality of a portfolio management system with the power of Salesforce.

Users have the ability to maintain all of the pertinent customer data associated with portfolio or account within a seamless, turn-key solution.


  • Account Management
  • Portfolio Management
  • Portfolio Analysis
  • Securities Management
  • Security Lots Management
  • Ad Hoc Trading via Trade Files
  • Transactions Maintenance
  • Trade Rule Maintenance
  • Reconciliation
  • Data Management & Import

Key Benefits

  • Portfolio management solution that is fully integrated with Salesforce CRM
  • Cloud-based, intuitive, high performance platform
  • Enables advisory firms to move from spreadsheets to more scalable solution
  • Facilitates compliance requirements for more thorough record keeping and more frequent contact with clients (KYC)
  • Can be licensed “out-of-box” or customized to meet specific needs

TotalRebal Portfolio Rebalancing

TotalRebal is a state-of-the-art financial services solution from Excellarate that provides cloud-based portfolio re-balancing functionality to accompany a portfolio management system.

The modular design of the rebalancer allows financial advisors to add only the functionality they need, and not be impeded by unwanted complexity like other systems.


  • Rebalance Portfolios
  • Model Management
  • Security Set Maintenance
  • Creation of Buy/Sell Trades
  • Trade Rule Maintenance
  • Trade Decision Log
  • Data Import

Key Benefits

  • Cloud-based, affordable, high performance platform that provides portfolio rebalancing as a service (RaaS)
  • Automates the rebalance function, eliminating manual and spreadsheet centric labor
  • When combined with Prime’s portfolio management solution, eliminates the need of having to piece together disparate functions from multiple vendors
  • Alternatively, the rebalancer’s modular design supports the ability to tie in a preferred portfolio management solution

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