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Innovative tools and technology solutions that empower financial services firms

Robust, flexible, and scalable enterprise solutions in an ever-evolving regulatory environment.

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FinTech Solutions and Expertise

Excellarate’s FinTech solutions helps organizations across Banking, Wealth Management, and Capital Markets leverage technology as a key value driver.

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Portfolio Management

Portfolio Rebalancing

Direct Indexing

Dashboard Customization

Market Data Processing

Digital Lending

Portfolio Risk Analytics

Onboarding, Workflow & File Management Tools

TotalView Portfolio Management

Excellarate TotalView is an application that provides innovative tools and technology to view, manage, and analyze portfolios, accounts, and holdings.

TotalView is built on the Salesforce platform, which links the functionality of a portfolio management system with the power of Salesforce.

Users have the ability to maintain all of the pertinent customer data associated with portfolio or account within a seamless, turn-key solution.

Key Benefits

  • Portfolio management solution that is fully integrated with Salesforce CRM
  • Cloud-based, intuitive, high performance platform
  • Enables advisory firms to move from spreadsheets to more scalable solution
  • Facilitates compliance requirements for more thorough record keeping and more frequent contact with clients (KYC)
  • Can be licensed “out-of-box” or customized to meet specific needs

TotalRebal Portfolio Rebalancing

TotalRebal is a state-of-the-art financial services solution from Excellarate that provides cloud-based portfolio re-balancing functionality to accompany a portfolio management system.

The modular design of the rebalancer allows financial advisors to add only the functionality they need, and not be impeded by unwanted complexity like other systems.

Key Benefits

  • Cloud-based, affordable, high performance platform that provides portfolio rebalancing as a service (RaaS)
  • Automates the rebalance function, eliminating manual and spreadsheet centric labor
  • When combined with Prime’s portfolio management solution, eliminates the need of having to piece together disparate functions from multiple vendors
  • Alternatively, the rebalancer’s modular design supports the ability to tie in a preferred portfolio management solution

Complementary Solutions

FileBroker and Intelli-Q are complementary solutions that augment financial services specific offerings.

The Excellarate FileBroker platform is a file management tool that facilitates back-end processing services across various domains within Financial Services such as banking, securities, cards, merchant services, and investment management.

Excellarate's Intelli-Q is a hybrid test automation framework that can quickly and easily adapt to your agile test processes. It is highly flexible and can support a wide range of scripting languages and an extensive object library. Regardless of their background, the QA team can create and run complex tests across multiple platforms, devices and technologies without writing a single line of code.

Download FileBroker Overview

Download Intelli-Q Overview

Portfolio Risk Analytics

 Build-out and ongoing development support for portfolio risk analytics and compliance solutions.

Data visualization tools

Customizable, widget-driven dashboards

Enhanced user experience

AI and Machine Learning

Digital Lending

Robust capabilities drive digital transformation in FinTech.
  • Seamless integration with third-party APIs such as payment gateways, analytics engines, marketing modules, and more.
  • Customize off-the-shelf solutions to meet your business requirements and integrate with third-party systems and sources for a seamlessly integrated experience.
  • Comprehensive QA and debugging processes to ensure delivery of a fully-functional, bug-free product.
  • Drive continuous delivery by automating key steps in development and deployment workflows.
  • Comply with all applicable regulatory guidelines for processes and the final output.

Direct Indexing

  • Save time and cost with customized solutions for end-to-end portfolio management and re-balancing
  • User-friendly tools and technologies include dashboard with customizable layout and visualizations
  • Make informed decisions with automated data analytics that provide actionable insights
  • Reduce risk and missed opportunities with AI-driven analytics and monitoring
  • Faster time-to-market with cloud-based solution
  • Integration with third party trading platforms empowers automated trading processes inline with specific goals
  • Enhanced client privacy without the need to turn over data to third party sources and providers
  • Highly available and scalable solution that accommodates shifts in volumes and future growth

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