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Experiencing Digital Transformation Up Close

Today’s borrowers expect onboarding and lending processes to be fast and convenient—and increasing number of them expect the process to be completely digital with no need to visit a lender’s physical location. Digital lending has been growing exponentially, a phenomenon inflated in a post-pandemic world.

As competition grows increasingly intense over the next several years, so too will the importance of differentiation among competitors. The customer experience is likely to find prominence  as among the most impactful differentiators.

Excellarate builds reliable, scalable lending solutions that provide flexible support throughout the lifespan of a loan. We work with lenders to customize high-performing, secure, digital solutions that are automation-centric and deliver a seamlessly integrated experience.

What Does End-to-End Digital Lending Look Like?


Originate loans faster and decrease the rate of customers abandoning application process


Customized, digital, cloud-based solution easily scales to accommodate growth

Cost Savings

Completely digital solution reduces waste, minimizes time burden, and helps to prevent costly mistakes


All relevant information is consolidated in a single location and made easily accessible to those who need it


Customized, intuitive UI offers customers a simple, but robust, user experience


Excellarate solutions seamlessly integrate with third-party systems and external data sources

Delivering Customized, Cutting-Edge FinTech Solutions for 20+ Years

Integration Capabilities

We provide seamless integration with third-party APIs like payment gateways, analytics engines, marketing modules, and more.

Design Flexibility

We customize solutions to meet your business requirements and integrate with third-party systems and sources in order to create a seamlessly integrated experience.

QA and Testing

We apply comprehensive QA and debugging processes to ensure delivery of a fully-functional, bug-free product.

DevOps Services

We automate key steps in development and deployment workflows, driving a continuous delivery approach.

Regulatory Compliance

We follow all applicable regulatory guidelines for our processes and ensure the final output is compliant as well.