Direct Indexing Solutions

Powerful technology capabilities that reduce time-to-value and simplify the creation of unique, custom-indexed portfolios

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January 27, 2022

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Episode 17: Low Code Platforms – Game Changer or Hype

Paula Kielty, New Business & Policy Manager, CUMIS discusses low-code platforms

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Transform Your Investment Strategy

While a more high-maintenance strategy when compared to index funds or ETFs, direct indexing offers distinct advantages such as granular control over investment vehicles, tax-savings and alignment with to personal and faith-based values.

With over two decades of developing technology solutions for financial services firms, Excellarate offers solutions that help advisors successfully bring the benefits of direct indexing to a wider audience.

The Excellarate Way of Direct Indexing

Save time and cost with customized solutions for end-to-end portfolio management and re-balancing
User-friendly tools and technologies include dashboard with customizable layout and visualizations
Make informed decisions with automated data analytics that provide actionable insights
Reduce risk and missed opportunities with AI-driven analytics and monitoring
Faster time-to-market with cloud-based solution
Integration with third party trading platforms empowers automated trading processes inline with specific goals
Enhanced client privacy without the need to turn over data to third party sources and providers
Highly available and scalable solution that accommodates shifts in volumes and future growth

Unique Benefits of Direct Indexing

Tax Benefits

Direct indexing generates tax alpha through several tax advantages, creating a tax-loss harvesting balance that typically offsets higher upfront investment fees

Personalization and Exclusions

Investors add or exclude a particular stock or category of stocks easily and for any reason—like tax purposes or to carve out legacy holdings—enabling advisors to more precisely shape an index to meet an investor’s goals.

Aligned Values

The flexibility of direct indexing enables investors to construct a portfolio in line with specific objectives, like Environmental Social Governance (ESG), Socially Responsible Investing (SRI), and other personal or faith-based values.

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