HealthTech solutions for the next generation of clients

340B Solutions

Capture eligible 340B prescriptions for 340B drugs across multiple wholesaler contracts.

EMR/EHR Software

HIPAA compliant specialty practice EMR/EHR and healthcare data systems.


End to end practice management tools and solutions.


Best in class claims processing solutions.

Pharmacy Benefit Manager

Robust PBM solutions to enhance profitability and competitiveness.

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While being highly regulated, the healthcare industry stands to gain enormous benefits and tangible cost savings by using technology to harness the power of data.

At Excellarate, we understand the complex challenges facing the healthcare industry, and we can help you navigate a path to the future.

Single, integrated view of all processes

Enhanced operational decision making

Better patient outcomes through intelligent software

Increased efficiency through insight into costs and outcomes

Re-engineered Information Architecture/PaaS

End-to-end solutions to improve operational efficiency

Save administration costs and effectively manage and administer the 340B program

  • A single platform solution designed to manage the end-to-end procurement cycle
  • Take pain out of managing contract pharmacy services by helping capture eligible 340B prescriptions for 340B drugs across multiple wholesaler contracts.
  • Set up split billing to manage procurement and inventory replenishment in 340B eligible healthcare organizations.
  • Identify eligible patients and support a variety of discount cards to qualifying patients and maintain 340B program integrity.
  • Stay prepared for continued HRSA 340B compliance audits with automated auditing and support services.
  • Facilitate creation of standard and customized reports for contract pharmacies to demonstrate the impact of the 340B program.

Targeted custom EMR solutions

  • Off-the-shelf systems can’t meet every need of every practice
  • Our solutions portfolio is fully compliant with HIPAA security standards, HL7 messaging, and ONC certification standards.
  • Cloud based technology offers freedom from expensive IT infrastructure.

Practice makes perfect, and Datalogue management tools get you one step closer

To help you rapidly respond to patient needs, Datalogue features include:

  • Appointments Scheduling
  • Billing and Payment
  • Clinical Information
  • Patient Administration
  • Reports
  • Staff Administration
  • Surgery Management

Prime Technology's Claimus, based on a decade of expertise in the healthcare industry, is likewise capable of assisting in claims processing.

Claimus ensures:

Multi-pronged PBM solutions designed to enhance your profitability and competitiveness

PBM helps healthcare organizations:

  • Understand the requirements for health benefit exchanges.
  • Better manage the patient and member experience.
  • Drive engagements to help build effective strategies for member identification, experience, and retention.
Excellarate empowers healthcare organizations to extract more value from data while maintaining compliance with evolving industry regulations.

Business Intelligence and Electronic Data Warehousing

  • Implement sound data architecture for extensibility, reusability, and improved productivity
  • Simplify the production environment by archiving older data
  • Provide business executives with clean, vetted data for more effective decision-making
  • Accurately measure performance to enhance engagements with stakeholders and create overall profitability
  • Reduce IT workload by creating relevant reports on an ad hoc basis via self-service reporting kiosks and self-service BI
  • Transform gigabytes of data into clear, actionable information
  • Create revenue streams by providing organized information to customers
  • Support forecasting and decision-making processes across the enterprise
  • Access a centralized data repository for comprehensive view of the organization

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