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While many healthcare providers select an off-the-shelf Electronic Medical Record (EMR) applications, smaller and more specialized private practices are often surprised to find that many EMR applications are unable accommodate their niche, personalized requirements. Employees are burdened again with the manual process workarounds of the not-so-digital past.

Excellarate provides highly functional EMR/EHR and Healthcare Data Management solutions to meet specific needs of specialty and sub-specialty practices. Our solutions portfolio is fully compliant with HIPAA security standards, HL7 messaging, and ONC certification standards.

We work closely with each healthcare provider and organization to build targeted, custom modules to expedite data migration of:

  • Progress notes
  • Chart notes
  • Vital signs
  • Immunization
  • Diagnostic results
  • I and O
  • Lab orders review
  • Pharmacy orders review

Excellarate’s healthcare management system framework includes:

  • Pre-built solutions providing consistent uninterrupted service
  • Existing business components that are easily customizable to support specific requirements and workflows for specialty providers
  • Agile development, guaranteeing that solution delivery is efficient and cost-effective
  • Cloud-based technology
  • Scalable electronic healthcare solutions that can be marketed to a variety of practices
  • Freedom from the need for expensive IT infrastructure
  • Continual deployment of features and functions with minimal business disruption, application downtime and user retraining
  • Rapid development and deployment for varying size and types of physician practices

Patient Portal

Excellarate's Patient Portal makes it easy for providers, payers, and other healthcare organizations to engage with patients more effectively.

With a few clicks, patients can access essential functions, including wellness management, health risk assessments, personal health record (PHR), and telemedicine.

Key Features:

  • System-agnostic patient portal works with any installed EMR
    or other software
  • Increased medication adherence and reconciliation
  • Customizable patient care reports with notifications
  • Online bill pay and financial management tools
  • Mobile-responsive design for tablets and smartphones
  • Customized, integrated forms
  • Patient surveys and patient-centered data reporting