Production Support and Maintenance

The resources and skill sets required to provide adequate in-house Production Support and Maintenance

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In today’s rapid-paced business environments, many companies find they are over-spending on in-house maintenance and support of software applications. Partnering Excellarate enables organizations to create a Production Support & Maintenance team. We provide reliable resources that becomes an extension of your team while providing access to essential resources, technology, and expertise

Proactive and personalized approach to Production Support and Maintenance:

Full Cycle Production Support Services

Excellarate ensures full cycle production support services for all phases of the software development cycle from impartial software assessment and consulting to 24/7 production support.

Industry Insights

For more than thirty years, Excellarate has cultivated extensive business- and industry-specific insights that enhance client engagements.  Excellarate has worked with clients across many industries including insurance, healthcare, financial sectors, and emerging markets.

Flexible Pricing

With Excellarate, clients enjoy the significant advantage of flexible budgets. You pay only for the services you need, only for as long as you use them.


Excellarate‘s experts perform extensive analysis of your business and systems, maintaining thorough documentation, recommend the most effective solutions for system maintenance, and improve operational efficiency and performance.

Technology Expertise

Our expert team of software architects provides a secure software infrastructure and built-in compliance with the latest applicable standards while providing valuable insights that help our clients solve their most difficult software problems and production issues.


We can combine on-site, onshore, and offshore resources to provide reliable support any place and any time they are needed.  We can easily scale as client needs evolve. Our solutions are fully tested before being delivered on-time and on-budget

Flexible Engagement Models

Excellarate customizes production support and maintenance offerings to best fit the needs of each individual client. We offer a variety of engagement models that meet budget requirements and can easily be adjusted as your business needs evolve.

Integrated Teams

Our teams are comprised of experts in a range of technologies and applications and will work closely with you to expand or configure the team as necessary to deliver reliable and effective maintenance services.

Production Support from Excellarate

IT systems and applications require reliable and effective professional support to minimize the impact of unexpected issues and continue running optimally in your environment.

Software Maintenance and Support

After solution development and implementation, Excellarate will recommend an initial maintenance plan that will help keep your system running optimally, with few issues, and plan an automatic update schedule that will ensure your business is current with the latest available technologies.

Software Enhancement Modification

As technologies evolve and advance, Excellarate is committed to keeping your organization and its systems up to date. Our team of experts is highly experienced in modernizing legacy environments, from minor user interface (UI) alterations to complex architectural overhauls of integrated systems.

Software Bug Fixing

Excellarate ‘s team of highly-skilled IT experts take bug-fixing seriously, dedicated to identifying and fixing bugs as swiftly as possible. We work closely with clients to ensure issues are identified quickly and present options for resolution. We have successfully fixed thousands of bugs to provide clients with error-free software solutions.

Security and Performance

For today’s businesses, securing systems, equipment, and infrastructure is not optional. From software testing and quality assurance to application performance management and security testing support, Excellarate ‘s robust services and support offerings help enterprises effectively mitigate security risks with minimal effort.

Maintenance Support from Excellarate

As a professional provider of software maintenance support services, Excellarate provides a robust offering of software maintenance and support services that help companies effectively address maintenance, production support, and ongoing development.

Adaptive Maintenance and Support

In a world where digital technologies are driving major shifts in how companies do business, enterprise applications must be easily adaptable to changes in the environment. With adaptive maintenance, Excellarate will perform any required modifications to your applications that result from changes to the operating system, software dependencies, hardware, or business policies of a related product, keeping your system up to date with little to no downtime.

Corrective Maintenance and Support

Rapid fixing of user-reported errors in source code is critical to ensure uninterrupted operations, minimal downtime, and efficient production. An expert in corrective maintenance, Excellarate can quickly identify the cause of a problem, effectively triage user requests, and fix the source code errors to enhance performance.

Perfective Maintenance and Support

Modifications to product functionality by way of refining, deleting, or adding new features can improve performance and simplify ongoing maintenance. Excellarate implements perfective maintenance post-implementation to enhance the functionality and performance based on user-submitted feedback.

Preventive Maintenance and Support

Unplanned downtime can be a significant cost burden to companies with complex or mission-critical enterprise applications. Excellarate uses powerful data analytics to assess your system’s performance, anticipate future issues, and take preemptive action that will minimize risk of operational failure and reduce the likelihood of unplanned downtime.

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