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Automated Claims Management

Configure end-to-end automation to your organization's unique specifications.

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Claims Management, Simplified.

Excellarate’s claims automation solutions are specially developed to automate common patterns in claims processing, eliminating hundreds of manual processes and streamlining workflows with minimal human intervention.

Discover what Excellarate can do for your claims processes.

Automate Your Claims Cycle for End-to-End Results


Reduction in customer turnover


Increase in employee productivity


Reduction in cycle duration

6-8 weeks

From deployment to early ROI


In consistently accurate payments


Management control of work in-process

Optimize Claims Operations with Excellarate

Faster Claims Processing

Streamline the claims cycle by eliminating manual tasks and automating processes and workflows between systems.

Improved Operational Efficiencies

Consolidate claims-related information, rules, and history, then distribute tasks and decision-making to the right staff, providing a collaborative workbench that enhances employee productivity.

Reduced Cost

Leverage the power of existing line-of-business and content management systems while eliminating manual and paper-based transactions that burden other resources.

High Customer Satisfaction

Promote quality with integrated rules that produce consistent, timely, and reliable results throughout the claims cycle.

Case Study

Excellarate’s mission critical process automation solution offered true case and workflow management, better solution agility–including the ability to plug and play other vendor components over time–and a more cost-effective, low-risk alternative to a complete system replacement.

The insurer successfully moved from paper-based processes to an electronic disability claims solution, eliminating geography as a barrier to conducting business. During the migration process, the insurer was able to expand its client base, adding new accounts while retaining current clients, through a well-planned strategy.

Exception Claims Handling

When exception claims handling is dependent on error-prone manual tasks, the effects include inefficiencies and an anemic bottom line.

Excellarate's enterprise solutions transform claims operations by eliminating manual activities without replacing the existing administrative systems.

  • Speed up cycle times
  • Streamline work processes
  • Eliminate manual and paper-based transactions
  • Consolidate all decision-making tasks, information, rules and history
  • Distribute work and exceptions to the right staff, providing a collaborative workbench
  • Promote quality and consistency with integrated rules
  • Leverage the power of existing line-of-business and content-management systems

Complex Claims Management

Insurance isn’t the only industry managing high volumes of complex claims. The risk of inaccurate payments, the cost to process a claim, customer satisfaction and the impact on reputation demand a consistently speedy and accurate resolution of claims.

Excellarate's Complex Claims solution is specially developed to automate common patterns in claims processing: streamlining work with minimal human intervention, eliminating hundreds of manual activities and enabling you to focus on the knowledge based values of accuracy and customer service.

  • 50 % less customer turnover
  • Accurate and consistent payments
  • 45% increase in employee productivity
  • 50%+ reduction in cycle times
  • 100% management control of work-in-process
  • ROI in as soon as 6-8 weeks

Disability Claims Handling

Excellarate’s domain experience, Ultera software assets, and Appian Corporation allow insurers to transform operations by targeting all aspects of the claims-handling process: intake, case planning, task management, analytics, rules, history, data, and documents.

Excellarate’s Disability Claims Management solution allows our clients to meet their challenges, surmount obstacles and achieve complete digital transformation in their operations.

With the intelligence of Appian's low-code development platform, and the hidden power of your existing line-of-business systems, you can realize the same gains that top competitors have:

  • Lowest policy-lapse rates in the industry
  • Improved service levels and cycle times
  • Targeting of cases most likely to lead to more rapid “return to work” success
  • Millions in direct dollar savings per year

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