Better process efficiencies, lower operational costs, and faster decision-making

Improve process efficiency, integrate with 3rd party and custom applications, reduce technology costs, and automate decision making.

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As a finance company, we understand that you are looking to attract more quality applicants and rapidly decide who to approve on what terms.

Best-in-class companies streamline the entire process through mobile-enabled, interactive portals, automation of the decision process, and integration of the leading third-party services such as credit scoring, compliance, and document processing.

We can help. We work with finance companies, from large to small, to assist in the digital transformation of customer-facing applications, integration to 3rd party service providers, rebuilding custom business applications, and providing 24/7 application support.


Support, integrate and connect with 3rd party applications

Even with proven APIs, there are best practices for assuring high reliability. We focus on lending companies and have a framework for rapidly and securely deploying these integrations.

Secure client and dealer portals

Our assessment process will identify any issues, present recommendations for remediation, and provide cost estimates to address them.

Integrate with COTS products such as Salesforce

We are a certified Salesforce partner with deep experience configuring, integrating, and supporting CRM systems.

Enable faster and better credit decisions

Connect to more sources through your secure portal. Remove manual processes with two-way digital applications, documentation, and decisioning, and integrate internal or external decisioning processes/systems.

Modernize mission-critical applications

We have over 20 years of experience working with financial service companies to help them migrate, support, and modernize high-risk, mission-critical applications.

Case Study

One of Excellarate’s client’s (company founded in 1986) works with several thousand dealers nationwide. They offer fast and flexible financing programs to various industries such as water treatment, home improvement, HVAC, marine, RV, etc. With a proprietary underwriting system and deep dealer relationships, the client approves more financing than most of its competitors.

Like others in the industry, the client has a mix of COTS and custom applications that power its loan origination and underwriting processes. Excellarate works with the client to provide a full 2-way mobile application interface with its loan origination system by replacing and integrating certain parts of their custom applications with COTS solutions.

Additionally, Excellarate built the client’s dealer portal that ensures secure end-to-end connectivity between dealers and customers. The portal also enables other features such as integrations with 3rd party electronic signature services, consumer credit, background verification services, sales and marketing, credit, funding, account servicing, compliance, and reporting.

Excellarate also integrated the client’s custom applications with Dealer Track and AppOne, which provide a wealth of financial opportunities.

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