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The Technology Headlines names Hemant Elhence as one of the Top 50 Successful Indian Entrepreneurs in the US

Empowering Business Leaders to Collaborate, Learn and Improve

For an entrepreneur to succeed, he has to believe in his own strength and abilities. From getting teams together and motivating them to achieve common goals to understanding business problems, an entrepreneur has to play a big role in every function of the company. Driven by passion and searching for innovation at all times, entrepreneurs are people who know how to unlock market opportunities. Hemant Elhence made a presence in the market long ago as a leader, but it was his personal vision and a strong desire to bring innovation into the Indian IT market that led him to found Synerzip, a software product development company with offices in Pune, India, and California and Texas, US. Synerzip was created when Hemant was working hand-in hand with some of US leading VCs. Listening to them, it became clear to Hemant the limited market opportunities India had for high quality product development work. He wanted to change that by bringing in new ideas and a rooster of talented IT professionals. “The market was always there. But what we found out was that VCs needed help to assist their portfolio companies in stages of planning and implementation of IT services and solutions. This is where we wanted to step in with our expertise, and provide VCs and private equity firms in the US with the right kind of support tailored for our market,” explains Hemant.

Synerzip was founded in 2004 to help clients scale their engineering capacity and achieve cost reduction. Hemant’s vision for the company was to create a strategic business unit equipped with technology abilities, lean startup principles and cross-functional professionals. Synerzip provides a dedicated high-quality team, and cutting-edge skills in technologies such Cloud, Microservices, Big Data, Mobile, DevOps, Blockchain, QA Automation, UX and more, to ensure clients’ business success. Identifying a market opportunity and putting together a business model that is tailored for that market opportunity, Hemant has shown how entrepreneurs can achieve so much more with the right business purpose, support and dedication. Hemant says, “Staying true to our core principles, we have been helping engineering teams make the best of their resources and augment their teams, reduce time to market and save at least 50 percent with agile software product development teams in India.” Always trying to understand the market and customers in new ways, Hemant has made it a goal to pursue change constantly, and that’s reflects in the innovative services of Synerzip.

Hemant’s advice for budding entrepreneurs is to keep learning and improving. “Don’t be afraid of mistakes. Learn to embrace them and strive to not make that mistake again.” Hemant has transformed Synerzip into a place where individuals are allowed to take risks and venture into new technologies. Hemant adds, “We don’t have many rules in our company. Giving people freedom to try new tools to advance their skills and see them develop into more accomplished professionals is what leadership means to me.” Hemant’s ability to clearly define business goals for the company makes the team more efficient. They look up to Hemant as a mentor and a coach, and understand the importance of the work they are doing—something that is crucial for an entrepreneur.

Hemant has anchored Synerzip to be a positive influence on several mid-size software companies. By helping them find the right way to be successful, Synerzip has created a reputation for itself in the market. Google acquired one of company’s clients; and when Google saw the quality of work, they continued to work with Synerzip’s team. Google has their own development centre in India, but still they partner Synerzip.

“We want to continue to grow along these lines. We have to stay one or two years ahead of our clients. We were doing DevOps a year before it became popular. Blockchain is turning out to be a revolutionary technology; and we want to build our technology capabilities in it and do high-quality work.”

In the first years of Hemant’s career, he exclusively worked as a software developer. That gave him a lot of credibility and allows him to better understand the dynamics of software teams. Recognized by INC Magazine as one of the top software service providers and being on the INC5000 list for 6 consecutive years, Hemant wants Synerzip to seize new technology opportunities. Hemant also recalls his time at management consulting firm McKinsey & Company to be crucial in shaping his career and leadership style. “This has been a fairly long journey. We’ve had a lot of fun along the way. For us as founders, we are most happy when we see our clients succeed. The one thing that I admire in an entrepreneur is the ability to learn from mistakes. Failure is the inherent part of learning. You don’t have to get discouraged by failures. It is just a sign of better things to come,” concludes Hemant.

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