Unlock Tangible Business Value From Your Data

Excellarate partners with Singularity to offer advanced machine capabilities to process unstructured data through Real-Time AI

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Convert Unstructured Data Into Actionable Information

Experts say, the total amount of data created, captured, copied, and consumed globally is enormous and projected to grow 2.5 quintillion bytes of data each day by internet users, out of which hardly 0.5% of data is analyzed. The partnership with Singularity Systems helps unlock the hidden value of unstructured data such as handwritten notes, images and convert them into analytics- and process-ready information. Get actionable insights from this data by harnessing Excellarate’ s expertise and experience in building and deploying automation and business process management systems.

Intelligent document processing

to capture data from documents (e.g., email, text, PDF and scanned documents), indexes and classifies documents, and extracts relevant data for further processing.

Intelligent image processing

to distinguish and classify objects in an image, identify their positions, define the shapes and structures of objects, understand their context, and identify their specific features.

Predictive analytics

to identify the likelihood of future outcomes and make predictions based on historical data, using deep neural learning to go beyond statistical analysis to build prescriptive capabilities.

Advanced ML And NLP Platform

  • Proprietary OCR giving customers unmatched control to apply the most finely tuned OCR for each field to ensure accurate extraction.
  • Microservice architecture enables easy integration with any existing automation tech stack or core system
  • Self-training and adapting to improve accuracy
  • No data scientist, no coding, and easy deployment
  • Small sample size to achieve high accuracy
  • Multi- language, multi- format, cross- industry
  • Intelligent process automation enabler
  • Small sample size to achieve high accuracy
  • Single unified AI platform
  • Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers (BERT) to Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Partner with the Experts

Our partnership with Singularity combined with decades of technology expertise in Insurance, Healthcare, and Financial Services space identifies the scope for AI- automated data management and accelerating the process of converting unstructured data in these domains.

Touchless Claims providing straight-through processing for insurance companies to enhance the customer experience while reducing the cost of delivery

Financial Spreading for banks to capture, analyze and manage financial statements to enable analysis and projections

Trade Finance for banks to facilitate global trade: issuing letters of credit, lending, forfaiting, financing, factoring, etc.

Automated Record Processing for Electronic Health Records (EHR) through structured data elements

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