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“We have developed a very good and close relationship with Synerzip team members and our team.”

Bill BielendaManaging Partner, EDN Healthcare

The Client

Headquartered in Pensacola FL, EDN Healthcare, a HIPAA certified company, is an innovative digital technology company.

Established in 2019, EDN Healthcare evolved from its sister company EDN (Electronic Display Networks), a digital signage company servicing many growing industries that provide a complete end-to-end, turn-key solution for any companies through digital signage.

The Challenge

EDN Healthcare needed to accelerate the development of its healthcare software – Patient Communication Board (PCB). Patient Communication Board (PCB) replaces the need for hospital whiteboards and displays each patient’s information, including Care-team information, round details, daily patient updates (goals, discharge plan, medication, diet, etc.) and forecast information. PCB translates this information into the patient’s preferred language.


“My experience with Synerzip is that they have the talent. You throw a problem at them, and someone from that team helps to solve the issue.”

The Solution

EDN Healthcare partnership with Synerzip started in late 2018.

Synerzip team developed the PCB application frontend in Angular and used microservices in .Net Core as the backend while using SQL Server 2017 as the database server. RFID devices track care-team visits for the patient. These devices read the RFID tags assigned to the care team and generate staff round data displayed on the PCB board.

While working with Synerzip in a different timezone, EDN’s core team did not find timezone difference challenging as both teams would sync at a mutually agreed upon time. Official sync meetings were held twice a week in the mornings with the Synerzip team.

However, other than that working with the Synerzip team felt like working with any other local team.