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From Idea to launch in 5 months!

“Synerzip was the first company to see what my vision was and the value of which is huge”

David FarmerFounder, AdGiants

The Client

Ad Giants provides top-level advertising experiences, products, and processes to help businesses of any size maximize their business efforts. It is a leading marketing-technology provider and developer and developer of marketing-management solutions for enterprises and small businesses.

The Challenge

Ad Giants was on an accelerated time frame to offer its products and services in the market. Within five months, the client needed a future-ready mobile app for its customers and web apps for its consultants, administrators, and vendors. The client specifically needed a pixel perfect UI. They also needed integration with 3rd party systems that would enable them to offer additional functionalities within short times.

“Synerzip truly does have nice people, your team and our team always felt we are on the same page, and felt they are an extension of us”

The Solution

Ad Giants had high fidelity wireframes ready for their application. However, they lacked the technical expertise to translate these into a working application. Assigning a product owner, accelerated the development process. They could ensure that all the domain know-how accurately translates to functional requirements.

While developers from Synerzip were evaluating the feasibility of integrating third-party tools, UI experts implemented best practices for a pixel-perfect front end of the app. Synerzip’s developers and QA professionals took ownership of implementing 3rd party tools and created detailed notes and documentation on integrating into the client’s application.

The Outcome

Using its app, Ad Giants’ customers’ can now register and get an appropriate consultant assigned to them. The system then schedules a meeting between the two. As an outcome of their meeting, customers purchase a subscription. Consequently, the consultant creates a marketing plan for a customer, goes through it, customers can suggest changes in the plan, and the customer approves the plan and purchase tactics.

Within just 5 months, Synerzip helped Ad Giants develop a future-ready mobile app for its customers and web apps for its consultants, administrators, and vendors. Consequently, using 2-week sprints, developers from Synerzip designed and developed highly available and scalable cloud infrastructure on AWS and setup CICD pipelines for deployments.

Synerzip also provided automation and performance engineers to test and capture system behavior, performance, and scalability. Test engineers helped them validate system performance in a production environment. Additionally, the application is highly available with auto-scaling groups that can optimize cost for varying loads and performance needs.

To enable the faster release of future functionality, Synerzip’s DevOps professionals Implemented a Bitbucket CICD pipeline to test, build, design, deploy, and maintain continuous integration and continuous delivery process. Above all, Ad Giants now has a pixel-perfect mobile app with scalable workflows that suit its business goals.

Tech Stack

  • Web app – Java, Spring Framework, Hibernate, MYSQL, React JS, Javascript, JQuery, HTML, CSS.
  • Mobile app – React Native, REST API. QA – Jira, Confluence, Selenium with Java language binding and Cucumber, Extent Report, log4j and Jmeter.
  • DevOps – AWS, Bitbu