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Feature-rich single view pharmacy ops

“Synerzip engineers displayed as much and perhaps more ownership than our onshore team.”

Rob SouleDigital Pharmacist

The Client

Incorporated in 2012, Digital Pharmacist builds software solutions for efficient pharmacy operations, online marketing efforts, and patient care. It offers HIPAA-compliant digital solutions to over 5,000 pharmacies across 7,000 locations in the US.

Digital Pharmacist combines cloud-based communication and adherence solutions with digital marketing and management. It integrates with over 70 pharmacy management systems. The company also powers the Cardinal Health Pharmacy Marketing Advantage Program, enabling patients to get the help they need via self-service and automated platforms.

A partner of the National Community Pharmacists Association, Digital Pharmacist, gives pharmacies the tools to increase business growth and stand out from the competition.

The Challenge

Digital Pharmacist’s existing HIPAA-compliant application helps digital pharmacies provide better patient care while streamlining its operations and marketing efforts. The application manages the entire store via an online dashboard. Patients can order medicines via the dashboard, read reviews and useful blogs. However, this application needed more features such as more ways of communication between the pharmacy and its customers. It also needed the underlying technology to support scalability without the added overhead of high operational costs.

Since the application deals with multiple users within and pharmacy and its users, it spans a wide range of technologies. A robust understanding of these technologies and their interoperability was the need of the hour. Digital Pharmacist also needed to modernize and consolidate different workflows to comply with regulatory requirements.

It also needs to maintain performance while scaling rapidly to accommodate more customers. This growth had to be managed without incurring high costs and degradation in customer service metrics.

“The team was always on-point on the issues and the onshore developers would not need to validate if they were issues in the first place.”

The Solution

Digital Pharmacist teamed up with Synerzip to improve and maintain this application and optimize pharmacy operations and workflows.

The Synerzip team works with the client on developing its mobile applications on Android and iOS platforms. Experts from Synerzip built and launched a new messaging feature that lets users communicate with the pharmacy in real-time. The team tested the new features with automated runs on Rainforest.

The Synerzip team also helped build a new dashboard that helps Digital Pharmacist consolidate general operations information in a single view. It also enables the pharmacist to set up an IVR system, update refill delivery methods, add new patients, manage messaging, monitor refill health, and view analytics on the business health.

Apart from pharmacy websites, the team also built business websites for Digital Pharmacist customers. The pharmacy website lets users signup, and order refills 24/7. The business website displays information about the pharmacy and its business lines.

Synerzip’s experts also contributed significantly in testing the new IVR feature setup by Digital Pharmacist. It also set up the configuration server, which is the command and control for all Digital Pharmacist websites and apps.

The Outcome

Apart from improved UI flows and regulatory compliant workflows, Digital Pharmacist now has a single view dashboard through which its customers can keep track of their operations and customers. The application now adds several features such as IVR, adding patients and monitoring their refills, marketing operations, and content management.

The improvements also enable a two-way channel between the pharmacy and its customers with several other communication methods such as live messaging and IVRs.

“While we would be offline, they would understand the requirements, interpret any challenges and come up with solutions before the next conversation.”