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“Synerzip’s agile processes successfully did away with time zone issues.”

Ed HerreraPDX, Inc.
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The Client

Built on a foundation of commitment to Community Pharmacy, PDX has endeavored to preserve and advance an industry whose most important goal is providing patients with the best care possible, helping manage their health while reducing overall healthcare costs.

Synerzip’s Role

PDX offshore team at Synerzip has worked together for over 10 years. The team has a high commitment to quality delivery with multiple PDX product teams with different technologies working in true agile way.

We partner with PDX US team in all departments – Design, Development, QA, Automation, Architecture, Project Management, Support, DBA, BI and now DevOps too. Enhancing existing PDX retail pharmacy products to developing new age ‘Specialty Pharmacy’ and business intelligence products.

We also help with having US 24×7 support to our PDX client in partnership with PDX Fort Worth office.

Key Points

  • Synerzip team has done an outstanding  job.
  • The team has superior and high velocity performance.
  • The team has Go-Getter attitude.
  • The team delivers on time.
  • Synerzip team makes and meets commitments.
  • The team has good leadership structure
  • Synerzip has management roles, product owner and stakeholders that make communication effective.
  • No hand-holding is required.
  • There were good arrangements in client’s India visit.
  • The team has incredible domain experience in retail pharmacy.
  • PDX – US and Synerzip – India is a great match.
  • Both the teams are continuing with comfortable and successful partnership.