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API As A Product

July 30, 2020

This is a session for Product Managers looking to market API as a Product. Product aspects include monetization strategies, legal considerations, developer experience, and much more.

APIs promise the ability to experiment quickly with new business ideas by recombining core capabilities. But what differentiates an API from an ordinary enterprise integration service? One difference lies in treating APIs as a product.

In this session, we get a fly-through view of various aspects to consider when productizing APIs. API Product Manager can help guide the API to adhere to the business guidelines and roadmaps as set forth.

Meet our panelists

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Rajiv Kaushik, Senior Director of Product Management, FIS Global

Rajiv is an API Product Director working across a wide range of Financial Services products at FIS Global. He champions “API as a Product”, and helps businesses understand why Open APIs are a new business channel, and an evolution away from the traditionally technical view of APIs.

Rajiv comes from a functional and technical background, having worked for years with communities and initiatives, like, that embrace openness, innovation, and interoperability.

Punkaj Jain, Vice President of Software Services

Punkaj Jain, is Vice President of Software Services based in the San Francisco Bay area.

Dynamic and accomplished Executive, Entrepreneur & Leader with a track record from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies in multiple disciplines. Astute strategic, business, financial, and technical skills delivering revenue & profit growth, business solutions in Big Data, IoT, Digital Health, E-Commerce & Cloud technologies. Results and business oriented leader with a strong focus on customer engagement & satisfaction.

Before joining Synerzip, Punkaj co-founded an e-commerce company, reached multi-millions in revenue, 200,000+ customers and profitable. Before that, he has been VP Software Engineering in startup companies in the areas of E-Learning, Data Analytics, Micro-Payment, Application Server & Visual Search space. Earlier in his career, Punkaj had senior database engineering roles at Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) & Sybase. Punkaj has a Masters in Computer Science from Wayne State University and a Bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering.

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