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Remote Clinical Trials Using BlockChain

July 21, 2020

The clinical trial management process is due for significant shifts, and the current pandemic exacerbates the need for innovative solutions.

Notwithstanding the current turmoil, most pharmaceutical companies are no longer conducting clinical trials that require people to visit a brick-and-mortar facility, keeping in mind that patient safety is critical. Additionally, the process of remote management or virtual trials is fundamentally changing. Data integrity issues have also cropped up as the recent retraction of the Hydroxychloroquine study in Lancet and NEJM.

Consequently, Blockchain as a technology can play a significant role in increasing the pace and cutting costs dramatically. In this webinar, Rama Rao, Founder, and CEO of Bloqcube will discuss how Blockchain can enable and enhance remote clinical trials.

In addition, he will also talk about shifting priorities for investment houses and their strategies. VC funds now want to invest more with companies developing products in the health-tech space. Rama will show how the Covid-19 pandemic is not a tsunami that wipes away companies but a tailwind that will propel them to success.

Meet our panelists

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Rama Rao, Founder and CEO of Bloqube

Rama Rao is the Founder and CEO of Bloqube, a blockchain technology company that is transforming the clinical trial space. He has a rich background in healthcare and pharmaceuticals industries. Rama feels strongly about delivering innovative solutions to address inefficiencies in the Pharmaceutical value chain for the benefit of patients. He is known for his strategic skills, problem-solving approach, and the ability to inspiring teams. Rama consistently delivers innovative solutions to challenging issues, and proactively identifies solutions to strategic roadblocks. These attributes make him one of a kind in the industry.

As a CFO, Rama has led complex operations in different business environments across the US, Canada, Russia, Europe, and Africa with P&L’s up to $3B. He is known for his integrity, ability to develop talent and deliver top tier performance. Functionally I have covered FP&A, Licensing, M&A, IT, Sourcing, Supply Chain, Operations, Treasury, and Clinical Development Finance and the usage of LEAN methodologies to streamline processes. Rama is bilingual and is fluent in French and English. He has engineering and management degrees from IIT and IIM, India, and INSEAD, France.

Subu Sankara, Vice President of Software Services

Subu Sankara is Vice President of Software Services at Synerzip. He works out of the San Francisco Bay area. As a seasoned software professional, he brings his experience and leadership skills to Synerzip to diversify its business in Silicon Valley.

For over two decades, his expertise has included working for both software product companies and services companies. Additionally, he partners with customers to fulfill their expectations.

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