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Managing Requirements With Distributed Agile Teams

December 20, 2018

Knock, knock!
..Who’s there?
..Done who?
..Depends on who you ask!

Communicating software requirements is a challenge in the best of situations. Most product managers and product owners experience this routinely with their development teams. When you have a remote or distributed development team, things get tricky. Add in time zone differences, things get trickier! In this webinar, we explore some ways to understand and mitigate the challenges of managing requirements with remote, distributed development teams.

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Meet our panelists

Ranjani Shah

Ranjani Shah, Senior Product Manager at Synerzip, who has established and driven enterprise software product roadmaps for businesses across diverse industries, building product and release backlogs and using minimum viable products to validate market.

Hemant Elhence, President of Synerzip | Prime

Hemant Elhence is the Co-founder and CEO of Synerzip. He is a proven leader with a successful track record of identifying new market opportunities and building businesses to realize those opportunities. Hemant has extensive experience in the high-tech industry, including software products and services and semiconductor and people leadership.

Hemant has a BSEE from IIT Delhi, MSEE from the University Of Massachusetts, and an MBA from The University Of Chicago Booth School of Business. Hemant can be reached at