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How Teams and Leaders Can Unleash the Power of Agile

Agile practices help teams deliver better products more effectively. But there is often a mishmash of practices at play. What’s more, teams are seldom aligned about what they mean when they use the word “Agile.” There is so much more to Agile, and so much more value to be gained from actually being Agile.   

In this session, Tom Evans, Senior Principal Consultant and Trainer at 280 Group and Ron Lichty, Interim VP Engineering & Author, will explore what being truly “Agile” looks like, for your product development as well as your business teams. 

Key Takeaways for you: 

  • Revisiting the obvious and hidden benefits of Agile in product development   
  • Face the truth – Are you being ‘truly’ Agile?  
  • How leaders can spark the best outcomes with Agile practices 

On-Demand Recording

Meet our panelists

Tom Evans, Senior Principal Consultant and Trainer at 280 Group

Tom Evans is a Senior Principal Consultant and Trainer at 280 Group and is an internationally recognized authority in product management, product marketing, international business, go-to-market strategies, business partnerships and entrepreneurship. In his extensive experience, he has helped start-ups through Fortune 500 companies create and launch winning products and has led business development efforts in the US and global markets. Tom has been responsible for successfully developing and implementing Product Management & Product Marketing methodologies at multiple companies.

Ron Lichty, Interim VP Engineering & Author

Ron Lichty has championed delighting customers for 30-plus years and believes that strong product/engineering collaboration is essential to achieving that goal. He consults in making software development and product development “hum”, taking on interim VP Engineering roles, advising executive leaders how to untangle the knots in their product development organizations, training teams in agile, training managers in managing software people and teams, and coaching development teams and executives.