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Financial Services Technology Trends in 2021 and Beyond

In this ebook, get access to the top technology trends that are transforming banking services, wealth management, and capital markets in the financial services industry.

Financial Services Technology Trends in 2021 and Beyond

The financial services industry has been an early adopter of innovative technology. Moreover, recent leaps in technological advances such as machine learning and AI are coming of age to build real-world applications in the finance industry.

These technologies are also resulting in alternate business models such as digital-only payment products and challenger banks that target specific customer needs and niches.

In this eBook, we uncover trends in three major sectors of the finance industry, namely:

  • Banking Services
  • Wealth management
  • Capital markets

Download this ebook to get a deeper understanding of the technology trends that are leading the finance industry to explore new revenue paths and customer niches, while overcoming existing challenges and enhancing customer experience.