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ZipChat E13: Building Micro Frontends – Benefits, Strategies, and Team Organization

August 5, 2021
10 AM PT | 12 PM CT | 1 PM ET

A Micro frontend is an approach to developing frontends that attempt to take some of the same benefits from Microservices and apply them to frontend development.

Micro frontends can be developed with different technologies and ownership of components on a single view. One of them is an approach where each Micro frontend is loaded into an app shell that offers an API for crosscutting concerns. Only one Micro frontend is loaded at a time into the app shell.

Join this episode of ZipChat, where we talk to AWS Architect Luca Mezzarila about:

  • Benefits and strategies of building micro frontends architecture
  • Organizational structure implications based on Inverse Conway Maneuver
  • Team organization details on building a micro frontends architecture
  • And a lot more…

So join us from your peloton or grab some popcorn on the couch for this interactive ZipChat session. Submit your questions during registration for our experts to address. It’s an open mic, so come with your questions for our subject matter experts!

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Meet our panelists

Luca Mezzalira, Principal Solutions Architect at Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Being associated with the industry since 2004, Luca has lent his expertise predominantly in the solution architecture field. He has gained accolades for revolutionizing the scalability of frontend architectures with micro-frontends, from increasing the efficiency of workflows, to delivering quality in products. Now as Principal Architect at AWS, Luca is helping their customers in the media and entertainment space to deliver cost-effective and scalable cloud solutions.

Hemant Elhence, President, Excellarate

Hemant is a proven leader with a successful track record of identifying new market opportunities and building businesses to realize those opportunities. He is skilled in strategic and operating aspects of business functions with extensive experience in the high-tech industry, including software products and services and semiconductors.