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ZipChat E17: Low Code Platforms - Game Changer or Hype

December 14, 2021
11 AM PT | 1 PM CT | 2 PM ET

Gartner predicted that the low-code technology market will grow by 23% globally in 2021. The results of this prediction are yet to be out, but if true, this represents a significant shift in application development for businesses across industries.

Low-code platforms present remarkable advantages such as faster deployments, lower dependencies and complexities. This has opened the gates for technology folks to start another debate – Are low-code no-code platforms really game changers, or a hype?

In this episode, we take this debate to the next level with expert panelists and explore the advantages, challenges, major players, and applications of low-code platforms.

So join us from your peloton or grab some popcorn on the couch for this interactive ZipChat session. Submit your questions during registration for our experts to address. It’s an open mic, so come with your questions for our subject matter experts.

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Meet our panelists

Michael Watson, VP Engineering at Excellarate

Mike is a veteran engineering leader with over 15 years of experience leading software teams. Mike’s passion is in helping software product development organizations transition into strong Agile practices and cultures within. He has experience working with large and medium public companies (such as Motorola and Tangoe), as well as mid-to-late stage startups (such as 4thpass, Solbright, and Quintessence). Mike has been fortunate to work with a few of the leading minds in modern agile process development.