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ZipChat E21: Portfolio Management Workflow Optimization, Customizing the Advisor Experience

April 21, 2022

Key Takeaways:

  • Trends in wealth management towards mass customization
  • Disruptive ideas impacting wealth management such as direct indexing, tax optimization, fractional trading
  • Tools and frameworks that help to optimize and customize advisory workflow including portfolio management, modeling, trading, rebalancing & reconciliation

Ever wonder why you just can’t seem to find the solution you want on the market, the one that helps you manage your clients’ investment portfolio, to rebalance it according to their preferred model, or trade judiciously in alignment with their stated, personal values? Or that solution that integrates with your CRM and provides a seamless onboarding process for a new client? Or how about the one that allows you to generate and tailor a performance report for an investment period of particular interest to a client, but excludes certain assets under specific conditions? Or perhaps the solution that simply allows you to set up investment targets the way you’ve been doing it for years offline in your spreadsheet?

The reason you cannot find it is because it likely doesn’t exist! We are seeing significantly increased demand within today’s investment community for solutions that are simultaneously turn-key and efficient, but also bespoke.

To explore in greater depth the trend towards mass customization within wealth management and the advisory industry, we are talking to an expert and certified investment manager – William B. Angino, EVP & Chief Compliance Officer, Fischer Financial Services.

So join us from your peloton or grab some popcorn on the couch for this interactive ZipChat session.

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Meet our panelists

William B. Angino, EVP & Chief Compliance Officer, Fischer Financial Services

Mr. Angino began his career in 1989 as a Manager of Compliance and Administration at Fischer Financial Services, Inc. He has performed various other duties of increased responsibility over the years. Currently he serves as Executive Vice President and Chief Compliance Officer, and he is a member of the investment committee. The responsibilities for this position include compliance, administration, IT design, investment management, and research.

His areas of expertise are problem resolution, business management, investment theory, and computer systems integration. He is an investment adviser representative for Fischer Financial Services, Inc. and has passed the NASAA Investment Advisors Law Examination (Series 65).

James Sloan, CIO & EVP, Financial Services at Excellarate

James has extensive experience in leading technology organizations by fostering product innovation, operational excellence and financial responsibility. He has specific expertise in business strategy and analysis, product development, system architecture and application design and development in the financial services industry. He has served in executive roles at several . Fortune 500 & 1000 companies including Newscorp/Dow Jones, McGraw Hill/S&P, and CME Group.