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EPISODE 10 | Kubernetes Vs. Serverless – When To Use Which?

May 21, 2021 | 27 min 25 sec

Podcast Host – Madhura Gaikwad, Excellarate

Podcast Guest – Vinayak Joglekar, CTO at Excellarate | Dipesh Rane, Solutions Architect at Excellarate

Brief Summary

Choosing between a self-managed vs. a fully-managed infrastructure can be challenging for tech leaders, especially given the vast array of information and advice available to them.

In this episode, Vinayak Joglekar, CTO at Excellarate, is joined by Dipesh Rane, Solutions Architect at Excellarate to understand the nitty-gritty of the common debate – Kubernetes Vs. Serverless.

To help you make the decision, Vinayak and Dipesh cover points such as:

  • Cost benefits of Kubernetes Vs. AWS Lambda
  • What infrastructure makes more sense while launching a new application?
  • Serverless cloud vendor lock-in – should you be worried?
  • Scaling application in serverless vs. self-managed infrastructure

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