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EPISODE 6: Tech Trends & Predictions 2021 – Cloud

January 05, 2021 | 28 min 30 sec

Podcast Host – Madhura Gaikwad, Synerzip

Podcast Guest – Vinayak Joglekar, CTO at Synerzip

Brief Summary

Like everyone in the tech industry, we have done our own research on what technologies will be under the limelight this year, which has been cited as the year of innovation, recovery, and renewal.

Cloud remains the primary focus for businesses based on our technology survey and the research conducted by experts such as Gartner, Forrrester, and Forbes. Businesses continue to invest in cloud as they try to accelerate digital transformation and increase accessibility for remote teams.

Tune into the first episode of this 3-part series where we gain the perspective of a CTO on cloud as one of the top technology trends in 2021. Vinayak Joglekar, CTO at Synerzip, talks to us about:

  • Accelerated cloud adoption
  • Hybrid cloud models
  • Edge computing to fasten decision-making
  • Prioritization of Cloud security
  • Cloud and 5G in 2021

For more insights on technology trends and predictions, download  – 9 Technology & IT Trends and Predictions 2021

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